The Gift of Giving

As we sit and reflect on the past couple of months that we have been under the shadow of
Corona, it’s easy to feel Grinch-y this holiday season. Social distancing has made a profound
impact on the way that we live our lives and it seems as if the pandemic has disrupted or even
ruined our Christmas.

But what is the holiday really supposed to be about? If you think about it, this is the perfect
catalyst for a truly memorable Christmas. With the pandemic affecting so many of our lives
through the closing of businesses and unemployment, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give
back? You don’t have to spend money to be able to help others that are in need. Here are 3
ways that you can make a difference this year:


You can easily do a quick Google search for volunteering opportunities near you and find
hundreds of organizations that are in need of volunteers. You can just as easily go to any of
these organizations’ official websites to get more information on their myriad of drives and


This is the perfect time for you to donate old or unused items that you no longer need. Don’t just
throw away that microwave just because you got a newer or better version, someone could still
use that. If you look, you will find drives happening all around you during this time of year.


As a waste management company, it would’ve been ill-advised not to mention this simple way
to proactively give back on a much larger scale. Recycled materials like plastic will be broken
down and reused as they are converted into other things like toys. Recycling not only helps
reduce the need to use up resources to make more products but it can also positively impact
pollution and environmental health.

Here at Junk Unlimited, we try to give back in any way that we can. Fortunately, when you work
with us, you are indirectly performing all three of these methods. Our company not only
contributes a percentage of our earnings towards helping veterans, but we also donate all items
that are still donatable, and each haul is carefully sorted through for recyclable materials and is
subsequently recycled. Let’s work together to help make a positive difference this year.


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