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Junk Removal Pricing

Our prices are simple and easy. We charge by the volume of how much space your items fill in our truck. That’s all there is to it. No hidden fees and no hassle. 


Step 1: Schedule a no-hassle, free junk removal estimate with us online or call us at (301) 383-8476. Please tell us the type of junk being removed and the location.


Step 2: Our junk removal team will come to your location within the scheduled time frame and give you a free quote.


Step 3: Once you have agreed to our service, we will remove all of your unwanted junk, clean the area and leave you with the newly found space you wanted.


Receive $20.00 off your junk removal when you schedule a free quote online!


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Junk Unlimited Junk Removal Company will never give an exact price over the phone. What we can do is give you a rough ESTIMATE over the phone but we cannot give you a guaranteed price. To get a solid price we have to physically see the junk needing to be removed. This protects both YOU, our customer, as well as Junk Unlimited services from giving false pricing.

Junk Removal Service Flat Rate Pricing:

  • 1/4 Truck Load price=$349
  • 1/2 Truck Load price=$449
  • 3/4 Truck Load price=$549
  • Full Truck Load price=$649
  • Minimum load (one small item): $99.00

Pricing includes:

  • Labor
  • Transportation
  • Clean up
  • Disposal Fees

Our truck is larger than our competitors. We can fit more of your items into our trucks while saving you cash! Our prices are 20% lower than our competitors.


For heavier loads such as construction debris, sandbags, rocks, trees, Jacuzzi, playground sets or any major items we need to dismantle, we do charge an extra fee for extensive labor, specialty tools, and dump fees. If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to reach out to us!

There are many things that should be left to professionals and junk removal is typically one of them. When you attempt to move large bulky items yourself, you risk damaging not only your home and valuable items, you are also placing yourself more susceptible to injuries that may occur. By allowing our team of professionals to haul your junk, you will avoid all of the risks involved in junk removal.



We keep our junk removal prices low to better serve our customers. Take comfort in knowing you are getting the best service while also supporting Veterans and their families.


  • “Ralph was professional and very prompt in making arrangements for removing my 4 giant pieces of furniture. AND HE SHOWED UP ON TIME! I was able to find a local consignment shop so he and his assistant moved the cabinets carefully and delivered them there. Ralph was very fair with his pricing and Junk Unlimited will be the first people I call if I need anything removed.”

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    Angela Bernholz

  • “Ray came to my home same day, got a great estimate and was able to come on Saturday also able to take additional items at the last minute. That was great!! The 2 guys were very polite, prompt and careful removing items from my house. I will use them again and recommend them to my friends”

    Google Review

    Kelly Embert

  • “Ralph and crew, you are the best! Thank you for taking care of my junk removal so quickly. I used 1-800 got junk previously, their pricing was much higher and their service was well below your high quality standards.
    I will certainly pass your info. along to all my friends.

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    Kathy Watkins