Reasons to Donate

When it comes to junk removal, here at Junk Unlimited we go the extra mile. Being an eco-friendly green company, we are always looking for ways to limit the use of the county landfills. Last year we have recycled over 10 tons of material! Our goal is to recycle over 70% of all junk we pick up from our customers.

Aside from keeping our planet green by recycling, we also love to donate. We donate to veteran-friendly charities and their families. Our goal in this blog post is to provide you with 5 impactful ways as to why everyone should donate.

There are many charitable organizations you can choose to donate to and you can donate to as many as you want. Whether you choose to donate to charities who support military veterans and their families, helping animals in need, or supporting the protection of our environment, all charities will need your support!

Not only will you be helping a cause, but you will also be rewarded with the feeling you are doing something to better the lives of not just yourself but others in need.


Help other humans
There are millions of people who are in situations that are far worse than we are at any one time. Many people face problems that they are not in control of nor can they change the situation around them. We have the responsibility as humans to help each other as much as we can. We should care for each other and help those less fortunate than ourselves.

Support a cause you believe in
What cause are you an advocate for? Different charities support different causes and touch the hearts of different people. Find a cause you are passionate about and donate to the charity that supports it.

Teach the importance of giving to you children
Children learn through adults and the environment around them. Sharing the experience of donating to charities with them will show they can make a positive impact in the world at a young age.  

Donating allows you to show gratitude
Life isn’t easy and can often times get busier than we imagine. It is far too easy to forget to show gratitude for all that we have been given and to give back to those less fortunate than we are.

Inspire others to give
Your charitable donations can inspire those around you to give to causes that are important to them.

There are many more reasons why we should all donate to a cause we believe in, what is YOUR reason that you donate?

Remember at Junk Unlimited Junk Removal, we will sort through all the junk we pick up for any items we can donate before we recycle or properly dispose of them. We will even donate those items on your behalf and provide you with the documentation.

Need help getting rid of your unwanted junk? Give us a call at 301-408-8295 or schedule online.