How To Choose The Right Moving Company

Although there are many moving companies in the great state of Maryland, it’s important to make sure you are hiring the right one. As homeowners are continually moving or cleaning out their homes, junk removal and moving service providers become a necessity. That’s why homeowners must know what questions to ask prospective moving companies. Asking ahead of time, and knowing all their charges and fees, will prepare you for what you’ll need to pay in advance without any unexpected costs.

Does the company carry insurance?: It isn’t uncommon for the occasional moving company to not have insurance. You should not want to put yourself in a situation where important, irreplaceable items aren’t covered under the moving company’s insurance. Don’t be afraid to ask about this because if something of yours breaks and they aren’t insured, you’re left with nothing but the broken items and unwanted stress. Finding a moving company that is insured provides you with the peace of mind knowing everything is covered if something unfortunate happens to your belongings.

What’s included in their rates?: Finding a cheap company doesn’t always mean you’ve found the right one. Finding out ahead of time and getting a total estimate on the move will allow you to find out the total costs once they’re done. Fees to get quotes on include but are not limited to: labor, insurance, gas costs, potential fees for overtime, and any other costs that may be added.

How big will the crew be?: Knowing the numbers of movers that are coming before the move is important. It’s common to see two movers for most jobs, but, occasionally, the number will increase due to certain situations. Be sure to ask if there are added charges for additional movers.

Is the crew well trained?: Having a well-trained and experienced crew move and transport your belongings is important. They’ll know the best ways to wrap and package your precious items, as well as how to move them responsibly without damaging them.

At Junk Unlimited Junk Removal, we understand the importance of hiring the right moving company to ensure your items arrive safely without harm during your move.
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